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Features of the English curriculum

No Child Left Behind- Catering Diversity

We understand that diversity is inevitable in schools and catering diversity is not confined to slow learners. In order to structure the curriculum to suit different learner needs, the English lesson at the same level is scheduled within the same time block. Streamed in accordance with their English proficiency, students attend the class that matches their learning need. Such arrangement allows teachers to tailor-made materials and strategies for different students’ pace, interests, abilities and attributes so that students can gain more access to the lessons and more taste of success.

Read Write Inc.(RWI) Phonics Programme

We believe that identifying words and decoding unknown words with phonics skills can help students read and learn independently. Students in KS1 need to learn the relationship between letters (graphemes) and sounds (phonemes). Through the RWI phonics programme, an inclusive literacy programme, students are expected to recognize three sets of sounds with the aid of fun games and visual learning materials. The more sounds the students know, the greater range of texts they can comprehend. This allows them to achieve early success in reading.

Primary Net Scheme

The scheme provides an authentic environment for children to learn English. It also cultivates an English- rich atmosphere for students to develop interest in learning English. Students (P1-3) have lessons with the native English teacher (NET), Mr. Morgan every week. Other students in (P4-6) also benefit from the scheme by participating in the activities related to English learning and teaching with the NET such as the fun games on English Day.